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Fantasy Football week 2 results are in….


Ok after two weeks in the Piper’s head to head fantasy league the results are as follows

Week 1

Me 34 vs Pittsburgh on Mersey 64

Bryan aka “Drinkslinger” 36 vs Curtis’s Blues 44

Week 2

Me 51 vs The Special One 47

Bryan 40 vs Real Diabetus 43

Curtis has collected his winnings for his week one victory against Bryan but both Benjamin Skvarca and Eric Chmielwski need to collect for their respective wins against me and Bryan…

Up next Week 3 I face my most loyal West Brom fan Gene O’Connell with Stripes Not Pinstipes and Bryan is up against Nick Pisciottano The Big Ducking German

Good Luck!!!




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Schedule Updated… EPL, Capital 1, La Liga, Champions League and much more listed


I just updated the football schedule thru next week to include EPL, Capital 1, Bundesliga, Concacaf, Champions League, La Liga, Ligue 1, MLS and Championship fixtures. Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend to get this season off to a great start.


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Is Everyone as Excited as we are?


The 2014-2015 English Premier League starts Saturday morning at 7:45am… Fifteen years ago I had absolutely no idea what would happen when we televised our first fixture… Three whole live matches a weekend back in those days… That decision really helped us become what we are… a Pub… A place that made people with similar interests become friends… I’ve watched as groups of you connected and formed a community bigger than I could have ever imagined… I had an idea when we started that a pub was a cozy place with a bunch of shit on the walls but quickly I realized it was really about all of you… So when the first fixture kicks off this weekend know that I will raise my glass to all of you who have supported us for all those years and to all the new folks who are about to walk in our doors for the first time…



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2014-2015 Pipers Pub Fantasy Premier League


It’s that time of year for the Piper’s Fantasy Premier League…

This year we will be doing it a little differently… This year we will actually pay attention and try to make it entertaining…

So first we are doing the classic league format in which there is a single Champion at the end… For that we will offer one of two prizes for the winner… Either a $250 Pub Gift Card or for those of you no longer living in Pittsburgh ( We miss you all.. we really do) a dozen T-shirt’s in your choice of size and styles…

Now to fulfill my promise of a league that we will actually stay engaged with and have fun…. This year we added a Head to Head League in which you face off with a different person each game week. Every week the matches are generated at the round deadline so 76 of you will get the chance to get picked to face Me or Bryan. If you do there is a prize for either a win or a tie every single week… a $20 Pub Gift Card or for you Piper’s EX Pats no longer in the Pittsburgh Area a T-shirt in your choice of size and style…  Please remember I have no idea what I’m doing but Bryan is a sports statistics guy so I’m gonna make a side bet with him over our records vs all of you… I think I can take him but again I have no idea what I’m doing so wish me luck…

Thank you for all of your support over the years… Without you guys none of this is possible…

#1 Go to:

#2 Create a team and join our leagues… It’s that simple…

Let the Games Begin!


Piper’s Classic League

Code to join this league: 962005-230815


Piper’s Head to Head League

Code to join this league: 962005-230384

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Pre Season schedule updated and more!!!


I updated the pre season scheduling this morning and listed games thru the first week of the EPL. Hard to believe another season is upon us. Always a short off season in a World Cup year.

See you all soon!


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Pre Season schedule updated


I listed a few matches for this weekend including the AC Milan v Manchester City match here on Sunday. My schedule says it’s televised so look for me… I’ll be there in a Piper’s shirt

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Football Schedule

Wednesday August 27

2:45pm Bradford v Leeds

Athletic Club v Napoli

Arsenal v Besiktas

Thursday August 28

2:45pm Tottenham v AEL

Friday August 29

2:30pm Ausburg v Borussia Dortmund

Saturday August 30

7:45am Burnley v Manchester United

10am Manchester City v Stoke

Newcastle v Crystal Palace

QPR v Sunderland

Swansea v West Brom

West Ham v Southampton

12:30pm Everton v Chelsea

Schalke 04 v Bayern Munich

3pm Athletic v Levante

Sunday August 31

8:30am Tottenham v Liverpool

Aston Villa v Hull

11am Leicester City v Arsenal

1pm Villareal v Barcelona

3pm Real Sociedad v Real Madrid